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Last update:  11/23/10

From 2007 to 2010: Busman CK-1's >Kind Kable Chameleon Ultra> Beachtek DXA-10>KindKables Right Angle RCA to Miniplug>Sony PCM-D50 Digital Recorder.

As of Fall 2010, I am now only using the Sony PCM-M10 with Church Audio CA-11s (cardioids)

I occassionally will use Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio to normalize if necessary.

DAUD- Digital Audience source

DSBD- Digital SBD source

SBD or AUD- unknown digital or analog source

Cm- Cassette Master from DAT recording transfer to CDR

Tape to CDR- Unknown Generation Tape transfer to CDR

As for my Sound Quality Grading:

8.5 and above are choice shows. Anything below 8.0 is usually traded only for historical or performance reasons.

A+: This show stands out both for sound and/or performance. These are usually soundboards or 1st Gen Dats with no hiss factor.
A: Great show, some hiss or the crowd is too loud, etc.
A-: More hiss or level distortion and/or the crowd level is too high.
B+ and below: Some are enjoyable and listenable. Usually for historical purposes only. Email me about the particular tape and I will give you the full lowdown on its sound,etc.

Note: I&II: means both sets, I/II means the first with second set philler...

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